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– The Rent Collector, by Camron Wright

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– Book discussion the rent collector free

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Discussion Questions: 1. In the opening pages of The Rent Collector, Sang Ly’s grandfather promises that it will be a very lucky day. What role do you think luck plays in our lives? How does the idea of luck reconcile with the novel’s epigraph, the quote from Buddha on the opening page? After reading Sarann the Cambodian Cinderella , Sopeap and Sang Ly discuss how story plots repeat, reinforcing the same lessons. Sopeap calls resurfacing plots “perplexing” and then asks, “Is our DNA to blame for this inherent desire to hope?

Is it simply another survival mechanism? Is that why we love Sarann or Cinderella? Or is there more to it? What are possible explanations for the phenomenon? Sang Ly says that living at the dump is a life where “the hope of tomorrow is traded to satisfy the hunger of today. Sang Ly mentions that Lucky Fat has an “uncanny knack of finding money lost amongst the garbage. If so, who? Speaking of her clock, Sang Ly says, “Sometimes broken things deserve to be repaired.

The shelters at Stung Meanchey are built to protect the resting pickers from the sun. What other purposes do they serve? What “shelters” do we build in our own lives? How would you react if the “shelters” in your life were constantly being torn down? At first, Ki is reluctant to welcome change, specifically to see Sang Ly learn to read. He says, “I know that we don’t have a lot here, but at least we know where we stand.

When have you found it hard to accept change? Sopeap tells Sang Ly: “To understand literature, you read it with your head, but you interpret it with your heart. The two are forced to work together Can you think of examples? Koah Kchol, or scraping, is an ancient remedy Sang Ly says has been practiced in her family for generations. Do you have your own family remedies that have been passed down? What are they, and do they work? Sang Ly and Sopeap discuss dreams. Have you ever had a dream that changed your attitude, decisions, or outlook?

Was it a subconscious occurrence or something more? In a moment of reflection, Sang Ly admits that she doesn’t mean to be a skeptic, to lack hope, or to harbor fear. However, she notes that experience has been her diligent teacher.

She asks, “Grandfather, where is the balance between humbly accepting our life’s trials and pleading toward heaven for help, begging for a better tomorrow? Sang Ly speaks often to her deceased grandfather, but not to her father, until after her meeting with the Healer. Why did her attitude change? How might the same principle apply to relationships in our own lives?

Sopeap always wears thick brown socks, no matter the weather. As Sopeap lies dying, Sang Ly notices that the socks have slipped, exposing scars on Sopeap’s ankles. How would you presume Sopeap got these scars? How might Sopeap’s scars or rather their source have influenced her appreciation for the story of the rising Phoenix? In what ways does Sopeap rise from her own ashes, literally and figuratively? By the time you reached the final version in the book’s closing pages, had you remembered the original version in the book’s opening pages?

How had the myth changed? How had Sopeap changed? How had Sang Ly changed? When the story closes, Sang Ly and her family are still living at Stung Meanchey. Are you satisfied with the ending, that they remain at the dump? Why or why not? Additional Questions 1. Lucky Fat is generally cheerful. In fact, most of the people who actually work and live at Stung Meanchey are happy, despite the fact they are only “earning enough money to buy food on the very day they eat it. Explain why or why not. Sopeap warns Sang Ly: “Life at the dump has limitations, but it serves a plate of predictability.

Stung Meanchey offers boundaries. There are dangers, but they are understood, accepted, and managed. When we step out of that world, we enter an area of unknown. In reply, Sang Ly says, “I’m just talking about literature.

What might literature represent? When returning from the province, Sang Ly declares, “Home. I let the word ring in my head. Stung Meanchey Where is home for you and why?

Sopeap’s last name is Sin. Do you think this was intentional by the author? If so, what are the implications and what parallels might be drawn? Sitting beside Sopeap on the garden roof, Sang Ly says, “As the clouds close in, an evening rain begins to fall. The drops are large, like elephant tears, and as they smack the floor, they break into tiny beads that dance and play across the tiles. What other symbolism did you notice?

Discussion Questions by Author. Book Club Talking Points: The resounding message throughout this book is one of hope and at the same time disbelief, that people could live in such horrible conditions. I loved that the main character, living in a dump with untold challenges, wants to learn to read.

There are many lessons to be learned and the book is full of inspiration; sure to generate lots of healthy conversation. When you come to the final chapter and close this book, you will appreciate many things you took for granted. If you have a passion for reading and, like most, have no time to find the right book, browse the most popular books trending right now. They are all page-turners, and they all let you escape from reality.

Browse A Little. All rights reserved. The Rent Collector by Camron Wright. Discussion Questions by Author Book Club Talking Points: The resounding message throughout this book is one of hope and at the same time disbelief, that people could live in such horrible conditions.

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Book discussion the rent collector free.Browse & Discover

This novel is a lesson in hope, a story of redemption, and a love song to literature wrapped in the surprising setting of a Cambodian garbage dump. High school. Second Tuesday Book Club will discuss Camron Wright’s novel The Rent Collector on Tuesday, February 9 at 7 p. m.


Book discussion the rent collector free. Second Tuesday Book Club Discusses “The Rent Collector”

As an avid reader, I loved this about. He said, ‘They knew everything about literature except how to enjoy it. Reading Guide Question Two. In order to offer a more Asian feeling to the scene it is Cambodia, after all , I changed the names and location to protect the innocent.