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– WSUS Offline Update – Update Microsoft Windows and Office without an Internet connection

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Want to update your Windows 10 PC offline? Here are 4 simple ways to install updates on your computer without an active Internet connection. To check for updates, select Start > Settings > Windows Update, then select Check for updates. If updates are available, you can choose to install them. If you. Microsoft has its own free tool for downloading Windows 10 latest update. You can store it in a USB flash drive or DVD to update windows 10 offline.

– Direct Download links for Windows 10 KB (Build )


How often do you install a clean version of a Windows operating system either for yourself or somebody else? Hardware failures, viruses, or even computers with poor performing or highly abused operating systems are all reasons to have to wipe the old system and start again. Some users even install their operating system regularly to keep it clean and running at maximum performance.

NET Framework patches and subsequent updates after you install software like Internet Explorer 9 or 10 etc. One solution is to use a slipstreaming application like nLite to integrate hotfixes into the install disc, but even these become outdated every month after the latest round of hotfixes.

Here are 4 applications that can do exactly that, you can even run them on a currently installed Windows to bring it up to date. AutoPatcher has been around for several years and used to be distributed as a huge executable file that included all the update patches inside. Besides being able to install critical and recommended Windows updates, it can also do the same for Microsoft Office and install a number of extras such as the Office add-on pack, Adobe Flash and Reader, JAVA, the.

The package itself is split into 2 modules, the updater module apup. Make sure to select and download the latest AutoPatcher program, engine and common module updates as the patch installer module gets downloaded in the engine update.

Tick everything you want and click Next to start downloading. When all the required updates are downloaded, simply take the whole folder on a flash drive or hard drive to the target computer, or find the network drive, and run AutoPatcher.

After a few EULA screens and a file integrity check, the options screen will be displayed where the available updates and extras can be chosen for install.

Click the button and then wait for AutoPatcher to install all the updates you have selected. This is an essential tool to save serious amounts of time and effort. Download AutoPatcher. After downloading, extracting and running the UpdateGenerator.

Everything is split over 3 tabs called Windows, Office and Legacy products which includes Windows XP and Office as support for them ends in Some of the Options are very useful such as whether to download Service Packs, and whether to include Microsoft Security Essentials or Defender definitions in the package. Once completed, you can then take the disc or drive to another computer and run UpdateInstaller.

Some options such as Internet Explorer versions,. NET Frameworks, PowerShell and Media Player will be greyed out depending on whether you have the option already installed or if operating system supports it. It will be deleted again after updating has completed. Thanks for writing the guide, HAL The Windows 7 end of life changes how some of these tools work or if they work at all. WUD still seems to work so I have used it to download all the updates that are still online.

What would you say id the safest way to install these updates on an existing Windows 7 installation? Perhaps you already have a guide for that but I was not able to find one. Even if executing them directly would work, you would still want a more organized process that takes care of the order in which they are applied at least. Would any of the tools mentioned in this guide work with updates downloaded by WUD? I have red that and it is very useful but it serves a different use case.

I was wondering if updates could be applied offline to an existing Windows 7 installation, without the need to re-image the drive. Updates are run directly from that folder. Another good resource, now just a bump on the Internet highway. Thanks for this list. It also seems worth mentioning that Belarc advisor is still useful for scanning to see if it does or does not show that a windows machine has all updates installed.

If not, it shows the ones needed. The developer of WSUS brings out a new version every month or so which includes the latest updates. The AutoPatcher[. Sadly that is true, last updates were mid I install Windows on a recurrent basis, mostly on new or fully re-purposed computers. We have a WSUS in our organization to preserve updating bandwidth. Windows Updates Downloader has nothing to do with the updates installed on a running system. It downloads updates you tell it to from a predefined list so they can be integrated or installed separately.

First off, thank you for helping us. Overclocking becomes a major issue. I smell the heat from inside my PC. Screw that. I am not the only one with these problems….

I will learn how to set up really strict firewalls only allowing for game connections. I would also like to use OneDrive. I really, really just want to game on this thing. Updates obviously patch bugs and holes in the operating system itself, so from that point of view, you need to stay up to date if you are going online in any capacity.

Mail and OneDrive apps should have their own updates. The best thing you can do is to set up strict security policies, run a telemetry blocker like ShutUp10, and backup your system before an update so you can revert if it causes problems.

Here is another update downloader allowing for off-line updates… please check it out and let us now what you think of it. Might have a solution for you. Especially if you are seeing this on Windows Server. Good luck. Once you have all the updates downloaded, the updating tools can be run on any computer.

I just tried WSUS with the installer, hoping that since it has its own installer it would be able to perform the installation. But it appears to be failing to install in the exact same way. Looks its just using the windows installer on a loop. Like some kind of manual registry patcher or something? You must save the batch file as a [. If you look online you can find the same batch installer file as below. I have a slightly different slant on this. Many of my 11 old mostly home computers have resource problems.

I have noticed on one machine, Windows has grown to twice its installed size not counting programs due to the unbounded updates of Microsoft. I occasionally have to reload windows from scratch to speed them up and in doing so, I notice many of the updates are useless languages I dont speak, updates to IE or Media Player which I dont use, etc. Is there any compilation of truly necessary updates? I understand that is pretty nebulous as each user has his preferences, but there are groups of updates that could help and many are obscure fixes I will never need.

On a side note, can these programs download individual patches instead of SP1 , etc. It is the same problem, gigantic service packs full of crap. Decrapafier, where are you. I have to move to Win 7 and collect the needed patches before they disappear and these programs seem to be the answer. These tools all download individual post SP1 patches direct from Microsoft, so if you really wanted to, you could sort through them all manually and install what you want.

I had to do the annoyingly very long windows update still after the installation of all the supported updates. That is by design. Without one of these programs? Portable Update has just saved my life.

Windows 10 was having way too many issues and broken updates. So I downgraded to windows 8 fresh install. Windows Update was broken! Came across this site in my search for WU fixes and decided to try Portable Update. It has downloaded, installed, and configured every update I needed. So done with WU right now, but I was so satisfied with PortUp that I decided to come back and let anyone else having problems with updating that Portable Update might just be the answer.

It was for me, anyway. Report client status, download and install or uninstall updates unattended. ABC-Update have filtering options to select updates based on patch dates, KB numbers and more, and can also define max reboots,.

All hotfixes since SP1 se7en x64 less than 15 minutes and reboot 1 time. Hi, I came across this post recently and tried the wsus offline updater, for patching a freshly clean installed win7 home premium machine. While the system restarts automatically, the updates do not continue.

And after multiple attempts I am unable to remove the temp user account created, I have deleted the account from Windows control panel, but the system still tries to boot in the same account and fails.

I tried downloading an earlier version of WSUS-Offline but the Windows updates are not available even for the earlier versions of this product. WSUS Offline Update will copy all the files to a folder on your USB drive if you select the option at the bottom of the window, then you can update from there.

I have Downloaded all files but its many files and installing it one by one is lengthy. Is there any option to install all files at once?? Does any of these or other update downloaders do this?


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Windoww those of you exploring your deployment options in a remote work scenario, check out Deploying a new version of Windows 10 in a remote world. Today marks the start of the month servicing timeline for this Semi-Annual Channel release.

As such, we recommend that IT administrators begin targeted deployments of Windows 10, version to validate that the apps, devices, and infrastructure used by their organizations work as expected with the new features.

For the servicing timeline for the other editions of Windows 10, please see the Windows lifecycle fact sheet. As you look to roll out this new update to your organization, this post читать больше some of the new, key freee and enhancements that will enable you to benefit from intelligent security, simplified uupdate, flexible 100, and enhanced productivity, specifically in the areas offlinw.

Just as features continually evolve in Windows 10, servicing, updating, and Windows setup updaate to get better with update windows 10 offline free update. Based on your feedback, we’ve improved the Windows setup experience, added more PowerShell cmdlets to Delivery Optimization, added a cloud recovery option, and made some additional enhancements. Based on direct feedback and requests from customers like you, we’ve added new PowerShell читать полностью to help you better take advantage of the bandwidth savings offered by Delivery Optimization :.

We’ve continued to evolve the technologies available to support your Windows deployment efforts нажмите чтобы перейти the way you manage updates. With Windows 10, versionyou can take advantage of the following improvements:. With Windows 10, version comes update windows 10 offline free improvements to deploying updates using /22950.txt Update for Business.

Cortanayour personal productivity assistant in Microsofthas been updated and enhanced in Windows 10, version Основываясь на этих данных update windows 10 offline free some of the new Cortana enhancements we’re releasing:. For more information on these enhancements and to learn about additional updates available starting today with Cortana in Microsoftsee the Microsoft Blog or watch the short walkthrough below.

Whether you have a updxte preference, a unique workstyle, or a disability, Windows 10 Ease of Access features let you choose how to interact with your screen, express ideas, and simply get your work done. Here are some of the new accessibility enhancements we’re releasing:.

If you are installing Windows 10 in a multi-language environment, or in multiple countries, take a update windows 10 offline free at the improvements we’ve made to dictation, SwiftKey intelligence, update windows 10 offline free east Asian IMEs Quick Input Method Editors :.

Here’s some enhancements we’ve made in Windows 10, version Security is at the forefront in all of every Windows 10 update. Here’s a look at some of the built-in security features you’ll find in Windows 10, version FIDO2 security key support has been expanded to include hybrid Azure Active Directory Azure AD -joined devices, enabling even more customers to take an important step windoww their journey towards passwordless environments.

In Windows 10, versionSystem Guard Secure 01 checks and measurements have been increased—enabling you to achieve further security hardening and posturing for protection for sensitive resources like MMIO, IO ports, and registers. This feature is forward-looking and requires new hardware, which will be available soon! Windows Sandbox was introduced in Windows 10, version to provide a lightweight desktop environment to safely run applications in isolation.

When the Windows Sandbox is closed, all software and files are deleted as is the stateand a new instance of sandbox launches each time you open the application. Enhancements in Windows 10, version include:.

The following enhancements don’t fit easily into the categories wineows, but are equally important to IT windpws as they involve Search, Task Manager, Bluetooth pairing, network camera support, and more:. To complement your Windows 10, version experience, we’ve been busy with other new, exciting products and features, such as:. Universal Print is a Microsoft subscription-based service that organizations use to centralize print management through the Universal Windlws portal, hosted in Azure.

It’s fully integrated with Azure Active Directory and supports single sign-on scenarios. Universal Print requires a windods of Windows 10, version To keep with the latest news on Universal Print, bookmark the Universal Print blog. Note: these features do update windows 10 offline free necessarily require Windows 10, version We continue the work with our partner community around Secured-core technology that combines identity, virtualization, operating system, hardware, and firmware protection to add another crucial layer of security underneath the operating system and ensure the integrity of the boot process.

New devices that include AMD’s new Ryzen Pro chip, built on Microsoft’s Secured-core technology, help prevent sophisticated data update windows 10 offline free updaate and can be easily managed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Нажмите для деталей I update windows 10 offline free out this post, I also wanted to highlight a couple of Office update windows 10 offline free I came across recently as they can help your personal productivity and documentation efforts. The first is a Microsoft Update windows 10 offline free calendar feature that enables you to schedule meetings that end x minutes early.

In a recent update update windows 10 offline free Office, I noticed that I now have the ability to schedule my meetings to end a few minutes early.

If you’re uodate me, you are scheduled for back-to-back-to-back meetings with no time to stretch, grab a cup of coffee, or take a moment to attend to personal matters. In the Calendar options, select End appointments and meetings early and then select the ofline number of minutes.

The second is Microsoft Word’s new proofing and inclusivity options. Update windows 10 offline free you’re a single-spacer like me, you like to put a single space between sentences. But many of us learned to type by entering two spaces. Microsoft Word can help us single-spacers by marking two spaces as incorrect grammar! Select Settings and scroll down to Punctuation Conventions then select the appropriate checkboxes and drop-down options. Offlkne Virtual Desktop continues to evolve and you can keep up with the latest enhancements by bookmarking the Windows Virtual Desktop community and staying tuned to the Windows IT Pro Blog.

Is update windows 10 offline free a Windows Server release with this release of Windows 10? Windows Server, version is also available beginning today. To learn more, see Windows Server, version now generally available. How can I test new builds of Windows 10 prior to their release, so Ogfline can begin my update windows 10 offline free early?

The Windows Insider Program for Business is open for anyone to join. Windowa program gives you access to preview builds of Windows 10 and Windows Server so you can try out the new features and provide feedback directly to Microsoft.

As an additional benefit, you can deploy6 updatw early builds of Windows across your organization to test your apps, hardware, and processes. The next LTSC release can be expected toward the end of Customers currently using the LTSC for special-purpose devices should start working to upgrade those devices to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC as mainstream support for that release will continue until January 9, Can I upgrade our devices from Windows 7 directly to this new update?

You can update windows 10 offline free directly from Windows 7 or Windows 8. We strongly encourage you to begin your upgrade process immediately, update windows 10 offline free Windows 7 update windows 10 offline free end of support date on January 14,and Windows 8.

I know that I can defer updates using Windows Ofrline for Business, but what exactly does that mean? Windows Update for Business allows you to set policies that specify that you only want specific devices, or ocfline of devices, odfline receive updates that are xx days old. For example, if you are running Windows 10, version and set a deferral policy for feature updates of days, that means when the fre release version offlnie this case is days old days past its GA release dateit will begin to deploy on the windoww to which you have applied that policy.

Do I have to have a single Windows Update for Business deferral policy in my organization? You can have as many deferral policies as necessary. This provides great flexibility, enabling you to roll Windows 10 out in waves. For example:. What if my applications are not compatible with Windows 10, version ? Windows 10 is the most compatible Windows operating system ever. For more information about Desktop App Assure, see Standing behind our application compatibility promise.

To support the release of Windows 10, versionwe have released updated versions of the following resources:. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, the Windows release health dashboard introduced with the update windows 10 offline free of Windows 10, version provides you with windiws information on the status of the Windows 10, version rollout, details on any known issues gree the status of those issues, workarounds, and resolutionsand other important announcements, update windows 10 offline free java 64 bit 10 2019 those related to lifecycle updates, upcoming events, and best practices.

For help with configuring and deploying updates, please see the following resources:. To see a summary of the latest documentation updates, see What’s new ссылка Windows 10, version IT pro content on Docs. For information on what’s new for developers, see What’s new in Windows 10 for developers, build And, for a list of features and functionality that have been removed from Windows 10, update windows 10 offline free might be removed in future releases, see Features and functionality removed in Windows Wndows a closer look at these improvements, save the date for a one-hour webcast on Wednesday, June 10, at a.

Update: This webcast will be rescheduled. Stay tuned to the Windows IT Pro frse for update windows 10 offline free update. And, if you need help with deploying and managing windos across your organization, myself and members of the Windows and Microsoft Endpoint Manager engineering teams will be holding office hours on Tech Community for the next two weeks. Finally, for the latest updates on new releases, tools, and resources, stay tuned to this blog and follow us MSWindowsITPro on Twitter.

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– Download Windows 10 (Offline Installer) Latest Update KB

Microsoft has also published direct download links for Windows 10 KB offline installers. KB is a mandatory update with. Download the Windows · Select the desired Windows 10 Update version, and double-click it. · The system will check if the update has been. Double click on the downloaded installing patch and install.